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Maria wins the Mini Series $200 Cash

11 am - Tuesday 22nd March

Congratulations "Maria" you won out, with the P t P Rule 7 tie breaker with "Dallas", where a correct 3rd place pick has power over 2nd and 1st picks in the event of a tie. Well played again Dallas, who became the "JJ Grand Champion" in the big Comp played in conjunction with the JJ Giltinan. In last Sunday's final race there were no points scored by our 21 player field in the Mini Series. So, Maria scores the Easter fun tickets coming your way asap.

Where to and what now? ......Well, the next P t P comp will be coming your way at the end of June. A five race P t P pointscore for cash again. The event is for the International Mark Foy Trophy hosted by the Denarau Island Resort Marina in Fiji and there are 20 Skiffs entered......8 from Kiwi and 12 from Sydney, including Howie Hamlin's boat, the Skiffs will be loaded in containers this Sat. and shipped to Auckland, for the ANZAC Regatta, and then on to Fiji.......AND there is a chance that we will get to Livestream cover the racing from Denarau Island if the local tech permits it. So keep an eye on this Blog for any breaking news re this Fiji event / adventure. Thanks again for your interest in playing P t P on this occasion, we hope to be able to add more cash prizes and incentives as we go forward. BK

It's Wrap Up Sunday for the $200 Cash Mini Series

9.00am - Sunday 20th March

Ok, today is the last Scratch Race of the 2015/16 18ftr. season, AND therefore the final race of our P t P Mini Series.....the $200 cash will be won get your race faces on and have a crack at the cash. Take a check of the current Leader Board situation. Even if you are on zero points so far, a 3 point score today for a perfect Podium entry should take you up on top, and who knows, take it outright, or make it into the tiebreaker count back. Currnetly, we have 2 tied on top with 2 points apiece......ignore (killo, that's me) I'm playing for fun and experience in this Mini Series.

Now, the Seabreeze forecast model is for SSE at 18knts plus so everyone will select the 2 rig. I'm led to believe there will be a full fleet starting today, ie no scratchings, I am though, expecting some crew changes, however, the top boats always sub in top racers to maintain their race results's a bragging thing between the crews. To win the last scratch race of the season is a big enough carrot to the top boats today, and I'm expecting a tough podium fight for this one, especially with the up range wind forecast. So, there you have it.......200 Easter fun tickets could be yours at the end of racing today. Keep your eye on FB and twitter around 1pm for any news updates from the rigging park. If Kimberley has important mail to digest, you will still have until 2.30pm to edit / adjust your podium entry.....2.30pm is the absolute cutoff time to enter as usual. Good luck folks BK