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News Update re Sunday's 3 Buoy Handicap Race

12:53pm - Friday

Looking at Seabreeze for Race 3, this Sunday, and it suggests we should be able to get the race away, unlike last Sunday's on water chaos and subsequent carnage. Your Camera Cat team for Sunday will be Killo, Bucko, Wazza, Blake, and Chitts, all good to go. The promised re launch of Pick the Podium is on track for Sunday 6th November, the 2nd Scratch Race Heat of the NSW Champs. There is a countdown clock ticking down till then on the P t P Home Page.

In the meantime, why not familiarise yourself with the new Rules & Conditions for our new Pay to Play and Free to Play 2016/17 competitions. We will be creating a bespoke P t P FB account soon and prior to the 6th November, which will carry real time posts and comments from you guys, which will assist us majorly, in fine tuning our new Free & Pay competitions. In the meantime, thanks for coming along on the CC livestream race adventure with us, hope to get some good racing action this Sunday for you guys.......cheers BK

Pick the Podium 2016 / 2017 - News Update

11.10am - Thursday

Racing starts this Sunday 9th October, and promises the usual tight 18ftr racing, thrills and spills. We will commence Pick the Podium Tipping Competitions on Sunday 6th November, for the 1st Scratch Race of the season. The initial 3 Races are 3 Buoy Handicaps, so that's worth following closely to develop your performance Rankings. I'm hoping these 3 races will help blow off the winter rust out, and give the 3 new 18s a chance to develop settings and settle into the 1st Scratch Race. AND it gives you fans a chance to re engage with your Sailing thought processes.....See you for the Livestream this Sunday, with Bucko, Chitts and Blake. BK