Rules, How to & Tips




  • Registering to play is simple, “First Time Users” need to click “Register”, fill in relevant details and then click on “Register” to complete this action.
  • You will receive an email confirming your acceptance as a Registered player, and a temporary password to use when you “Sign In”. Once signed in you can change your password by clicking “Account”.
  • Now you just click “Sign In” each time you want to submit your selections for each race.
  • Before the system will accept your entries you will need to tick the box accepting that you have read the Pick the Podium “Rules & Conditions”. Please take the time to read all the “Rules & Conditions” before making your first entry as they have all the relevant information you will need to play.


There are two (2) separate weekly Pick the Podium Competitions to choose from Free to Play & Pay to Play on every Nominated Race of the 18ftr. League Calendar

  • FREE TO PLAY: A weekly Free Entry, gets you in the running to score points, to win “Grand Champion of 18ftrs Pick the Podium, the end of racing season prizes, plus Bragging Rights prestige.
  • PAY TO PLAY: An AUD$10.00 weekly race entry, gives you a shot at the Pick the Podium winner’s Cash Prize offered for every nominated Sunday 18ftr. League Race AND you’re automatically entered into the overall Grand Champion free competition.


  • Tip 1
    The more research you do before entering your “Pick the Podium©“ entry the better chance you have of winning.
  • Tip 2
    The race day weather forecast is a key consideration for your entry. Go to pre and post race weather forecasts. Rig selection counts for a lot in 18 footer racing and should be factored into your selection. Most crews will opt for the second rig in over 15 knots, so make sure you factor that into your decision.
  • Tip 3
    See the latest written race reports for this season. This will give you valuable information about the season so far to compare each team's results in differing wind strengths, direction and course so you can develop your own form guide for the boats in different conditions and on various race courses.
  • Tip 4
    Keep a close eye on the “News” tab to be in the loop on gear damage to boats, crew changes and possible scratchings before you enter your next race picks.
  • Tip 5
    Try to watch as much of the long race videos in our archive, via the 'Watch' tab above. Focus on the start, middle and end of each race so you can establish a clear picture of the teams and their strengths.
  • Tip 6
    Good Luck ....


  1. The Promoter of Pick the Podium 2016/17 (the Promotion) is the Australian 18 Footers League Ltd. 77 Bay Street, Double Bay NSW 2028 ABN 46001 071 558
  2. Information on how to enter, mechanics of entry, prize money, and any other prizes offered by the Promotion, is contained in these Rules & Conditions. Entry into the Promotion is deemed acceptance of these Rules.
  3. Eligibility, to register to enter Pick the Podium 2016/17 is offered to all domestic and international sailors, and non-sailors alike, provided they are 18 years of age and over.
  4. To be an eligible registered player of Pick the Podium 2016/17 competitions, you need to have read and agreed with the Pick the Podium 2016/17 “Rules & Conditions” and tick that box.
  5. All eligible registered players of the 18ftrs. League Pick the Podium Tipping Competition are allowed ONE (1) entry per Nominated Race of Pick the Podium 2016/17. This applies to both Free to Play, and Pay to Play Tipping Competitions of 18ftrs. League Pick the Podium 2016/17
  6. Each race in the AUD$10.00 Pay to Play, Pick the Podium 2016/17, shall be the subject of a separate Pay to Play competition. The winner’s cash prize money is paid out for every Nominated League 18ftr. Race of the 2016/7 Race Calendar
  7. Players who choose to play, Pay to Play in any Pick the Podium Nominated Race 2016/17, will have their chosen “Picks” automatically entered in the “Free to Play Grand Champion of Pick the Podium” 2016/17 season Competition.
  8. The “Free to Play Grand Champion of 18ftrs. Pick the Podium” tipping competition will be decided by each players race season tally, of correct place picks entered, in all the Nominated Races over the 18ftrs. Race Season. Each correct place pick will receive One (1) point towards their tally of points. A Leader Board will carry the Player names of the top 10 and will be adjusted automatically after each race.
  9. A cash prize will be awarded for every Nominated Race of Pay to Play 18ftrs, League Pick the Podium Tipping Competition, and stipulated by NSW Gaming Law. The NSW Gaming Law for Tipping Competitions allow prize money capped at AUD$7000.00 The amount of prize money for each Nominated Race will depend on the number of “Pay to Play” entries per race.
  10. To enter the “Pay to Play 18ftrs. League Pick the Podium Tipping Competition” use the Paypal money transfer system. Transfer AUD$10.00 for each Nominated Race with your Picks. Again, you are allowed One (1) entry in each Nominated “Pay to Play” Race.
  11. The Promoter will transfer the “Pay to Play” winner’s cash prize to their nominated Account via Paypal. This cash transfer to the winner, will be regarded as formal notification to the winner. Paypal is the preferred funds transferor system.
  12. The Promoter will have no knowledge of any Pick the Podium entrant’s banking or credit account details. The entry amount and Winner’s cash prize, will be under the security of Paypal’s funds transfer , and currency conversion online system. Paypal have the right to pass on to the user, Pick the Podium entrant, their transaction handling fees, for each entry transaction and Currency conversion.
  13. In any Nominated Race of 18ftrs. League “Pick the Podium Pay to Play” Tipping Competition, the Podium finishing order will be the first three (3) 18ft Skiffs to cross the finishing line of each Nominated Race. Importantly, those first three (3) 18ft Skiffs, 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place, will have been given the Race Committee’s sound signal, and entered in the Race Officer’s Race report in that finishing order.
  14. The Race Officer’s record of each Nominated Race of Pick the Podium finish order will decide the “Free to Play” points allocations, and the “Pay to Play” cash prize winner of each Nominated race of the 18ftrs. League Pick the Podium Tipping Competitions. The Race Committee’s full Race Report will be uploaded after every 18ftrs Race, posted on the Sailing section of the 18footers web site.
  15. The race results of any Nominated Race of the 18ftrs League Pick the Podium Tipping Competition are decided on the water by the Race Committee, and will not be affected by any subsequent protest.
  16. If, in the situation that any Podium position is a “dead heat finish” and cannot be clearly separated by the Race Committee on the 18ftr Race finish line. In that situation, the 18ft Skiff which trailed the other “dead heat” 18ft Skiff at the previous turn mark of the Race course, will be awarded the higher finishing position.
  17. The Promoter will provide to the eligible registered players, a boat list of the starting 18ft Skiffs of a Nominated Race, on the Promoter’s web site for “Pick the Podium”. The Promoter does NOT GUARANTEE that all these 18ft Skiffs will start or finish, in the Nominated Race. An eligible registered player may amend his or her entered Podium Picks in a Nominated Race, before the Count Down to entry Cut Off Clock, time expiry.
  18. If a Nominated Race of 18ftrs. League Pick the Podium Tipping Competition is postponed for any reason, and the Race Committee can Re Sail the postponed Nominated Race, then all valid Pick the Podium entries will remain valid for the Re Sail of the postponed Nominated Race. Amendments to Podium Picks can be made as per Rule 17.
  19. If a Nominated Race of 18ftrs. League Pick the Podium Tipping Competition is abandoned / cancelled from the 18ftrs. League Race Schedule / Calendar for any reason, all entries will be null and voided. Pay to Play entries will have their entry money refunded by the Promoter via Paypal cash transfer into their account.
  20. The NSW Gaming Law for Pay to Play Tipping Competitions dictates that, a winner be determined for each Tipping Competition. Hence, 18ftrs. League Pay to Play Pick the Podium Tipping Competition has applied a sequential winner criteria for the Cash Prize Winner, discovery. This will be as below…
    1st Entered with 3 correct boats in the correct order
    ….. if no correct entry
    Then 1st Entered with 2 correct boats in correct finish places
    ….. if no correct entry
    Then 1st Entered with 1 correct boat in a correct finish place
    ….. then if no winner
    The software will randomly pick a winner from that Competition’s Pay to Play entries, and that entry wins the cash prize.
  21. Entry fees for each Nominated Race of Pay to Play Pick the Podium shall be allocated as to 20% of total entry fees to The Westmead Children’s Hospital; as to 30% for the operating expenses of Pick the Podium 2016/17, including the enhancement of live stream broadcasting of the events (as permitted by Law) and; as to 50% as prize money for the winner of each Pay to Play Pick the Podium Nominated Race (up to $7000.00 permitted by Law)
  22. In the event of any dispute concerning the operation of Pick the Podium 2016/17 or the awarding of prize for any pay to Play Pick the Podium Tipping Competition, then the dispute shall be referred for resolution to the President of the Promoter, The Australian 18ftrs. League, and his decision will be final.
  23. The Promoter reserves its rights to make changes and amendments to the Pick the Podium 2016/17 Rules and Conditions at any time.