JJ Giltinan 2019 – Sailing Instructions Amendment

JJ Giltinan 2019
Amendment #1 to sailing instruction 20.2

Substitution of damaged or lost equipment will not be allowed unless approved by the Race Committee. Requests for substitution shall be made in writing to the Race Committee at least one hour prior to the scheduled race start time.
In the event of a damaged sail within the one hour prior to a race, a replacement sail may be used without consent of the race committee but both the signed in and replacement must be presented to the race committee with a written declaration within one (1) hour of the last boat finishing the last race of the day.

Amendment #2 to sailing instruction 25.

The organising Authority may commission an official television production.

As part of any official television production, camera boats will be on the race course each scheduled race day. Skiffs must be aware of the presence of the camera boats. The camera boat skippers have been instructed to keep clear . As these camera boats form part of the official television production, skiffs shall treat these camera boats as an obstruction with regard to Part 2 of RRs 2017-2020.

In each race at the discretion of the Organising authority , skiffs may be compulsorily equipped with cameras . The allocation of the cameras will be rotated in an equitable manner . These cameras are for the official television production. A breach of this sailing instruction shall not be grounds for protest by a competitor.

Amendment #3 A new sailing instruction 34 is added.


34.1 While racing, boats shall not sail:

a. Within the area of water between the registered moorings and the adjacent shoreline.
This includes Police or NSW Maritime moorings but excludes naval and shipping moorings.

b. Within the area bounded by the cardinal marks around Sow and Pigs reef

c. Between the cardinal mark(s) nearby and the shore of:
(I) Bradley’s Head; and
(II) Shark Island

d. Within the area of water between the yellow markers in the vicinity of:
(I) Garden Island; and
(II) Chowder Bay

34.2 These areas rank as obstructions. Penalty for breaking this SI shall be in accordance with SI 16.

Amendment #4 to sailing instruction 19.


Protest forms are available at the race office and shall be lodged in writing at the race office. The protest time limit shall be two(2) hours after the last boat has finished the last race of the day.
An arbitration meeting in accordance with Appendix T may be held prior to a protest hearing for an incident resulting in a protest by a boat involving one or more rules of Part 2 or rule 31. This amends RRS T2.

Doug Cameron on behalf of The Race Committee