Lazarus Capital Partners, the latest sponsor to join the strong Australian 18 Footers League’s fleet has linked up with one of the new, young teams setting out on their challenge to become one of the best on Sydney Harbour.

The new team, the youngest in the fleet, is 20-year-old Lachlan Steel (skipper), 22-year-old Jerome Watts, on the sheet, and 20-year-old Matt Doyle in the bow.

Their journey together began in November, during the Spring Championship, when the three crew first carried the company logo on the skiff’s sails.

Lachlan, Jerome and Matt have sailed the past three seasons together on the 16ft skiff, ‘ADCO’, in the St George fleet but, despite their successes in the 16s, realise that their first season together in the 18s won’t be easy.

According to Lachlan, “Our ambition has always been to sail an 18 together, and it’s such a privilege to be sailing against some of Australia’s top sailors.”

“Given this is our first season, we are in a learning and development phase, and are very fortunate to have a sponsor that is very passionate about sailing and is also supportive of our team.”

“We hope to be a success driven team that is able to build upon our experience and development.”

Dale Klynhout, founder, and Managing Director of Lazarus Capital Partners has the same positive outlook and aspirations as his racing team.

“The Lazarus Capital Partners sponsorship represents our inaugural year partnering with the Australian 18 Footers League. We are grateful to the club in being aligned with a new young team which suits our very own organisational culture – as we embark on a journey together in working hard to achieve solid results in the years to come.”

Wind conditions have tested the fleet on many race days this season, making it more difficult for the newer crews as they try to improve their team work while competing against the more experienced crews.

Despite the testing start to the campaign, Lachlan describes himself as an ambitious sailor who prides himself on his level of commitment to any sailing challenges before him. The team’s determination to improve has already been seen with a few good results and an attitude of never giving up when things aren’t going your way.

It’s this determination which will see the team improve over the championship end of the season, which resumes on January 10.

“Lazarus Capital Partners provides asset management and prime brokerage services for institutional investors situated across the Asia-Pacific region. Our new generation of global prime brokerage provides clients with integrated capabilities extending across equities execution, financing, custody and asset servicing solutions.”

“It is important for us to give back to our clients something that is as adrenaline inducing as capital markets which differs to our day-to-day interactions with them.”

“Whilst clients are geographically dispersed throughout Asia, one way or another they are all hooked into the sailing world. Our Australian clients are no different where they are already aware of the iconic Sydney Harbour institution that is 18ft skiff sailing.”

“Equally with our prime brokerage desk based in Sydney, the 18 footers culture is the perfect morale booster to give our dedicated staff something to enjoy together outside of a trading desk.”

According to Australian 18 Footers League President John Winning. “We appreciate having such a company as Lazarus Capital Partners prepared to support one of our new teams. It fits perfectly with the club’s youth policy to ensure the future of our 128-year-old sport on Sydney Harbour.”

The team’s launch video is on You Tube link:

Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League Ltd.