October 28, 2018

Spring Championshionship 2018 – Race 3 – Mick Scully Memorial Trophy

In a fading SSE breeze, the Finport Trade Finance team of Keagan York, Matt Stenta and Charlie Gundy hung on to win a heart-stopping Race 1 of the Australian 18 Footers League Club Championship on Sydney Harbour today.
After leading by 1m20s with only two legs of the course to sail, Finport had to desperately hold off the challenge by the Bing Lee team of Micah Lane, Dan Phillips and Nathan Edwards to take the victory by just 6s.
The pair totally dominated the latter half of the race, leaving the third placed Smeg (Dave O’Connor, Ricky Bridge and Mike McKensey) a further 3m48s back.
One of the early race leaders, Rag & Famish Hotel (Bryce Edwards) finished fourth, ahead of Yandoo (John Winning) and Appliancesonline.com.au (Brett Van Munster).
The short work across the harbour to the Clark Island windward mark saw the fleet widely spread brfore The Kitchen Maker (Jordan Girdis) grabbed a narrow lead from Triple M (Tom Anderson) and the young Rag & Famish Hotel crew.
When The kitchen Maker team had problems with the spinnaker set, Triple M and Rag & Famish Hotel quickly set the pace as the fleet raced down the long spinnaker run to Obelisk Bay.
Triple M held a 20s lead over The Rag, at the bottom mark, with Finport Trade Finance close behind, followed by Bing Lee, Yandoo, Appliancesonline, Smeg, Asko Appliances (James Dorron) and Dal Zotto (Jack Sprague).
The 15knots of breeze at the start of the race was already showing signs of fading on the windward leg back into Rose Bay.  The experienced Finport team  had worked its way into the lead with a 20s advantage over Bing Lee,
Rag & Famish Hotel was third with early leader Triple M back in fourth place, ahead of Smeg, The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines (Aron Everett), Yandoo, Asko Appliances, and Ilve )Jonathan Whitty).
Over the next two legs of the course, Finport and Bing Lee had increased their margin over the rest of the fleet but Finport had also increased her lead over Bing Lee.
With one lap of the course still to sail, the race was already a 2-boat affair.
Finport’s margin was more than one minute over Bing Lee, and the Finport team extended it to 1m20 at the Shark Island YA mark in Rose Bay.
Bing Lee had superior speed down the final spinnaker run from Rose Bay to Athol Bay and the lead had diminished to only 30s as the pair headed back across the harbour to the finish line off Clark Island.
The now very light winds put pressure on both teams, but most of the problems came when the skiffs had to pick their way through the Manly feries, which greatly affected the breeze of both teams.
It was only when both skiffs were less than 100 metres from the finish line that the winner was confirmed as Finport Trade Finance held on for the narrow victory.
Race 3 of the Spring Championship was held in conjunction with the Club Championship, and this resulted in a win for the Bing Lee team.  Finport and Rag & Famish share the lead in that series with a total of nine points
Today’s result sheet and images from the race are attached.
Race 4 of the Spring Championship will be sailed next Sunday.  The club’s spectator ferry will follow all the action, leaving Double Bay public wharf, at 2pm.
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October 17, 2018

Spring Championship 2018 Race 1 – 3 Buoys- Major A. Frizelle Trophy

The Australian 18 Footers League’s 2018-2019 Season got off to a great start on Sydney Harbour today when the Sean Langman led Noakesailing team took out Race 1 of the Spring Championship, which was sailed in a 14-17 knot North East wind.

Langman and his crew Ed Powers and Nathan Edwards, came from behind on the first lap of the course to defeat Bing Lee (Micah Lane, Mark Kennedy, Dave Slennett) by 1m35s, with Finport Trade Finance (Keagan York, Matt Stenta, Charlie Gundy) a further 1m21s back in third place. The early race leader Rag & Famish Hotel (Bryce Edwards) finished in fourth place, followed by Vintec (Kirk Mitchell) and Yandoo (John Winning).

The lead changed numerous times on the first windward leg to the Beasel Buoy with Lumix (Tom Anderson), Appliancesonline.com.au (Brett Van Munster) and Asko Appliances (James Dorron) all sharing the honours. The first set of 3-buoy marks changed the order when Rag & Famish Hotel took advantage of her red buoy mark rounding, although Appliancesonline was only a few secs, behind in the chase downwind to the wing mark off Shark Island.

Bing Lee and Finport was neck-and-neck in the battle for third place, followed by Noakesailing, Lumix, R Marine (Simon Nearn) and Vintec.

The fleet produced plenty of action for the spectator fleet on the long run past the wing mark and down to the bottom mark back at Clark Island.
Appliancesonline edged ahead of Rag & Famish Hotel at the wing mark but The Rag was quicker between Shark and Clark Island to again the lead the fleet as it headed back upwind to the Beashel Buoy.

The big improver on the spinnaker run was the eventual winner, Noakesailing which had moved up from fifth to second behind Rag & Famish Hotel.

There was less ‘work’ involved on this leg of the course as the breeze picked up a more easterly direction and possibly eased just a touch.

The Rag and Noakesailing produced a great battle with only a few secs. separating the two teams as they approached the next set of 3-buoy marks. They rounded the buoys at the same time but this time Noakesailing gained the advantage of the handicapping system and took the lead. Bing Lee’s experienced crew was also moving steadily through the fleet and had reached third place, ahead of Appliancesonline, Finport and Vintec as the fleet set out for the spinnaker run down the centre of the harbour.

The young Rag & Famish crew continued to pressure the more experienced Noakesailing team but Sean Langman and his team were unstoppably as they completed the final lap of the course to score a clear win. A few problems on the run home ruined a very good performance by the Rag & Famish team, which fell back to finish in fourth place, behind Bing Lee and Finport.

The racing for the first day of the season was excellent and it is obvious that this is going to be one of the best seasons for some years. A mixture of experienced and new young teams will make it difficult picking a winner each weekend.

Today’s Result Sheet is attached, along with images from the race.

Race 2 of the Spring Championship will be sailed next Sunday. The club’s spectator ferry will follow all the action, leaving the Double Bay Public Wharf, alongside the clubhouse and rigging area, at 2pm.